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Welcome to The Path Ahead Animal Shelter Consulting!

The services we offer include:

Infrastructure building

    •          Creating business structure
    •          Staffing/personnel
    •          Building capacity

Lifesaving Programs

    •          Humane management of community cats
    •           Lost pet prevention and recovery
    •          Progressive adoptions
    •          Health and wellness protocols

Management Team Support

    •           Understanding roles
    •        Chain of command/peer support
    •        Managing up and down


Did you know that each year fewer than five percent of lost cats in shelters are reclaimed by their owners? Fortunately, there are proven strategies to improve the odds of happy reunions.  Click here for more information.


Brigid Wasson, Head Consultant

Over 20 years experience in both government and nonprofit animal service agencies

Missing Animal Response graduate

Currently enrolled in the Humane Network's Lifesaving-Centered Animal Shelter Management Certificate Program through University of the Pacific

Board Member, Missing Pet Partnership


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